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1040-EZ Form 2020

1040-EZ Form

The 1040-EZ Form (also called Income tax return for single and joint filers with no dependents) is designed by the IRS to be used as an attachment to the core 1040 Form. It’s one of the simplest ways to report your income if it’s lower than $100,000, you’re filing jointly or separately, and you don’t claim to have any dependents. The IRS Form 1040EZ includes only 4 short boxes on a single page, so it’s very fast to fill.

For more information on the federal tax Form 1040EZ, read this detailed guide and follow our 1040-EZ instructions to file it properly. 1040-EZ form 2019 printable is no longer available as a separate document, so you have to look for the needed boxes on the 2019 1040 Form and Form 1040-SR.

1040EZ 2019

Unfortunately, the last revision of the IRS gov 1040EZ form was made in 2017. The IRS informs that for years starting from 2018, the forms 1040A and EZ are no longer used. Instead, you should use the forms 1040 and 1040-SR. If you need to file returns for years prior to 2017, you can keep using both 1040A and EZ forms.

Personal Info for EZ 1040 Tax Form

As always, your name, address, and SSN are required for filling the first box of tax forms 1040-EZ. The next sections should include data about your income sources. You are only allowed to list taxable interest (less than $1,500), wages, salaries, and Alaska permanent fund dividends. Other sources of income should be reported on Form 1040 and 1040A.

Credits and Tax

In this section, you should disclose the list of tax payments that you’ve already made through your employer, who had withheld the estimated amount. If you qualify for an income credit, you should claim it here too. Any other tax credits cannot be claimed on this form.


What is the 1040 tax form for?

The 1040 form is a core document designed by the Internal Revenue Service to gather information about the taxable income of employees and other entities during the last tax year. It allows the IRS to count the right amount of tax that should be withheld from the taxpayer and to reveal the debt or the need for tax refunds.

How to file 1040EZ online form?

Using, you can apply all our form-filling instruments to file the form as fast as possible. Our website lets you print the complete or a blank form, or send it via e-mail directly to the IRS. The printable 1040-EZ can be sent by mail to the nearest IRS office in your region. We provide all the versions of the Form 1040-EZ to print.

Does 1040 form 2019 replace 1040EZ?

If you are filing for years prior to 2018, the 1040 Form cannot replace 1040EZ as it’s still used for reporting 2017 and earlier years. If you want to file for 2018, 2019, or 2020, then you should use 1040 form versions that have the appropriate year on them. Never use forms with years that don’t match the year you want to report.
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